In collaboration with Not Impossible Labs, Manifest is a project to create a productivity app for people with short-term memory loss. Our archetypal user loses her memory every 60 seconds. 


Wireframing, Mobile app Mockup, Admin Website


People with short-term memory loss 



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How technology can help people who suffer from memory loss be more independent in their day-to-day?

I got direction from the Product Manager who received feedback from the Not Impossible Labs team at regular intervals throughout the project. 



The prototype was built to an extent by a team of developers without a design file before I joined the team. The owner of Serving Fresh described it as "an app designed by engineers, for engineers".

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Everyone uses a smart phone

We started by designing the user app first. It had to be a very specific productivity app for our target audience that could later connect with the larger eco-system of the admin site and track specific activities to display insights to the doctors or trusted advisors. 

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User's Story

Serving Fresh was born in 2020 to 

How might we enable people with memory loss to have goals and make progress on them independently?

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How might we help the users perform routine activities independently and reduce the burden on their caregivers?

Certain ACTIONS can require additional instructions, called STEPS on the Manifest platform. 
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Tracking social events 

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Iterations for tracking Activities, Goals and Motivations

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Additional feature to personalize the app color scheme. 

When we first build the app with Events and Goals, the feedback we got was that it was too complicated for a starter tool. 

This led us to adding toggles for Goals and Events as optional features. In the current version, When the patient first downloads the app, they can only enter routines. 

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Admin Pages for Trusted Advisors 

Trusted Advisors are medical personnel and caregivers who help build the patient's schedule, track their moods, goals, motivations and also add friends and family into the app for social events, emergency situations. 

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