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What is good design to a demographic that prioritizes experiences over stuff?

Qualitative research study using generative exercises to access latent knowledge (i.e things that people know on a deep level but cannot or will not say in a traditional interview format) of the participants. 

4 Participants

Participant specifications


American Millennials (23 - 38 years)

Diverse group - Americans / Latin Americans / Asian Americans


Having their own space / room


People that value experiences over stuff - understand through screening survey

2 Expert interviewees

Primary research tools

Secondary sources

Purpose of secondary research along with primary research was to gain a better understanding of the subject. It was also useful to support and frame primary research in context by providing a lot of vocabulary in the research area. 


Research Analysis

Themes recognized 


Insights / opportunities 


People experience experiences just to be able to share them


Creating new, innovative, “limited-edition” experiences / Experiences as “collectibles” (ex: pop-up museums)


Capturing is becoming more important than living in the moment


Unobtrusive ways of capturing and sharing experiences (no screens / automated systems etc) / Ways to bridge virtual and real-time sharing and connecting


Brands would have to re-think their products and services as the trend of non-ownership continues 


Identifying products that would shift from assets to tools (experiences) / what will people stop owning? / Limited-time owning or services fulfilling aspirations


Increasing importance of investing time smartly - consuming more knowledge in limited time


Opportunity to create new platforms and means of learning / consuming knowledge / connecting aspiring amateurs to experts


People create their identities through certain products


Create products that products that identify with certain personalities / have character - “Product personalities”


Products need to be hide-able / not reveal too much about the owner


Brand-less economy / products; Quiet / invisible / blending products (ex: MUJI)

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