blending convenience into everyday

A blender is to fresh what a microwave is to frozen in homes. 

Smoothies are the quickest and healthiest form of meal replacement for people maintaining a fitness regime and healthy diets. 

How can we design a personal blender to make a shift from an appliance to a fitness accessory?


FLEX / classic

/ Designed convenience for the trendy and active

Cord management



pop colored cord

Sipper cap and Blade cap

One Flask / Two Caps

Less Cleaning / More Convenience


Two sliders sipper cap


/ Loading and blending process

/ CMF Explorations

/ Classic utility

Rugged greys exuberating an industrial mood for the ones who prefer to stay classic

/ Gentle pastels

A palette of vivid, soft and desaturated pastels for the mellow ones  

/ Bold energy

A vibrant and bold palette for those who like to stand out

/ Prototyping 



© Devanshi Mehra 
Industrial design I devanshimehra28@gmail.com I California