a new fitness accessory

FLEX is an ecosystem of a personal blender and a connected app, offering convenience and time-saving tools for adults who want to maintain a healthy and balanced life. 

Single knob screen

Rotate knob to change functions. Using an e-paper screen lends the flexibility to incorporate new functions to the product over the years via software updates. 

blending process.png

Minimal interactions

Operate the blender with a single knob. After rotating the knob to select the function, press the knob in to start. 

Blender process.1249.jpg

Cord management

Auto-recoil cord management with brightly colored cord, visible through the translucent HDPE part at the bottom. 

Flask details

Flask with uniquely designed sipper cap to cater to different styles of drinking and easy carry strap.

Loading and blending process

blending process.png

Features and app integration

screen blender-05.png

Integrated weighing scale 

Understand the order of loading the blender and keep track of the quantity / weight of each ingredient

Seamlessly track your fitness progress

Connect the app with their fitness bands to track calories and fitness goals 

Personalized recipe suggestions 

Browse personalized recipes based on your wellness goals, eating style and dietary restrictions. 

Automated retail

Save time by ordering ingredients for your next smoothie with one click


Positive reinforcement via a reward system encourages users to continue striving for their fitness goals 


CMF explorations

Gentle pastels

A palette of vivid, soft and desaturated pastels for the mellow ones  


Energy Pops 

A vibrant and bold palette for those who like to stand out


Classic Utility 

Rugged greys exuberayting an industrial mood for the ones who prefer to stay classic. 

Product Experience


Image credit: Pinterest / Tay Carroll