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FLEX is an ecosystem of a personal blender and a connected app, offering convenience and time-saving tools for young adults who want to maintain a healthy and balanced life. 


Moodboard / to develop the look and feel of the product based on existing personal accessories 

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Integrated weighing scale and nutrition sensor

Understand the order of loading the blender and keep track of the quantity / weight of each ingredient

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Only the essential interactions

Operating the blender with a single push or via the app once the ingredients are loaded

App Features 

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Seamlessly track your fitness progress

Connect the app with their fitness bands to track calories and fitness goals 

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Personalized recipe suggestions 

Browse personalized recipes based on your wellness goals, eating style and dietary restrictions. 

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Automated retail

Save time by ordering ingredients for your next smoothie with one click



Positive reinforcement via a reward system encourages users to continue striving for their fitness goals 

Product Details

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Sipper cap

Blade cap

Blade cap – snap fits into blender base

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Product Experience 


Designed to be 'flexed'

The form and CMF blend easily into different environments and yet, make a statement by standing out from parallel products in the market. 

Reclaim your time

People often consume smoothies as meal replacements for breakfast due to their busy schedules. Hence, the flask is designed to easily fit standard cup holders, so the smoothies can be easily consumed on the road. 



Designed to be easily portable, FLEX serves the purpose of a protein shaker as and when desired by the user. 

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