Formula E is a 14-week long design project culminates with student teams competing in a variety of events with their uniquely designed remote controlled race vehicles propelled by energy stored in 16 feet of rubber band. The event takes place at Art Center where a number of teams from Chinese Universities as well as Pasadena Community College, participate. 

Team GTe with 

Catalina Johnson

3 Official race tracks

Our goal was to build a light and fast car to be especially competitive in the drag race. 


Initially, we build an electric RC car to understand all the system components and assembly. 

Numerous iterations for material of the chassis, different gear ratios, rubberband hooks and a multiple 3D printed components. 


Closer to race day

Race day 

All teams set up their booths with exciting giveaways and talk to visitors about their car designs. A full day event, Formula-e is attended by a bunch of ArtCenter alumnni, friends and family of all participating. Teams from Honda, Mattel and Felt also compete as professional participants. 

Gte finished 2nd place in the Ashtray Alley Drag race out of a total of 17 teams.