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Meals For Me is a food delivery subscription service from local restaurants. It targets busy professionals and families who often don't have time to cook. 

My role: Lead Product Designer

UX Design: We used a mobile-first approach to design a streamlined experience across the mobile app, customer facing website as well as the admin site. I worked closely with the company CEO in an iterative process to develop the product brand, launch the mobile app and website. 

Pick a plan - logged in_2x_2x.png
Edit plan_2x_2x.png
Congratulations –  as guest_2x_2x.png
Hamburger menu – for member - logged in – 1_2x_2x.png
Group 368_2x.png
Select meals_2x_2x.png
Skip - meals_2x_2x.png
Web - home – 2_2x_2x.png

Design System for Mobile

mobile design assets_2x_2x.png

Web-based admin dashboard

Marketing Collateral

Tag lines - quotes_2x_2x.png
Video splash 4_2x_2x.png



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