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Serving Fresh by Infinite Options (a start-up in San Jose) is bringing Farmers' Markets on a digital platform, delivering fresh local produce to the doorstep of their consumers. 

Check out the live project on App Store and Google Play or visit the website

My role:

Branding: I designed the brand identity for the product as well as marketing collateral that included visuals and videos for social media, print media and merchandise. 


UX Design: I designed a streamlined user experience across the mobile app and customer facing website from the ground up. I also designed a web-based admin dashboard to visualize the exact insights the company wanted. I collaborated with the development team throughout the project to make sure the developed product matched the design intent. 




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Mobile First Approach

Once they have selected their produce, they can easily checkout and make final changes on the 'Cart' page. There is a 'Refunds' page if there is anything wrong with the order.

Discount Coupons are applied automatically to the eligible order.  This also makes it easy for the user to view purchase / discount relationship.

After receiving their orders, consumers can rate their experience and quality of the produce they received. This helps the company get direct feedback and improvise. 

The first thing after getting into the app is for the user to select a delivery date - the position on the top is to prioritize that action. 

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Web dashboard for Farm Partners and Serving Fresh team 

Responsive design for customer facing website

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Digital Marketing Design

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