Walk with Pop

The client for this project is the Founder of Walk with Pop. I designed a high fidelity mock up for the start-up to get feedback from different stakeholders such as the potential users (seniors over 60 years), family of seniors, walkers and investors. 


UI Mockup, Mobile App



Walk with Pop



Group 990.png

Companion walking for seniors at the click of a button

The mission of Walk with Pop is to give caregivers peace of mind. They provide a convenient, safe way to get seniors out for a walk with a new friend. This helps them stay physically and socially active. 

The profile picture of the walker is clearly displayed throughout the flow, so it's easier for the walkie to recognize them. 

If they click ‘Pick a Date’

There is no clutter or distractions on the home screen. The app is specifically to schedule walks and hence the nav bar lead the users into choosing their preference and booking a walk. 

If they click ‘Pick a Buddy’

Choice to register with email or a phone number was essential for a product catering specifically to seniors who are likely to not have active emails and/or check them regularly. 

Walkie (seniors) - User flow

Group 992.png
Group 994.png
Group 993.png

Walker - User flow

We added the feature of tracking and documenting a walk for the peace of mind of caregivers. Both the walker and walkie can take pictures during a walk. 

Group 996.png

Feedback from Walkie at the end of a walk

Group 997.png

Health report from Walker at the end of a walk

Group 998.png