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Serving Fresh by Infinite Options (a start-up in San Jose) is bringing Farmers' Markets on a digital platform, delivering fresh local produce to the doorstep of their consumers. 

My role:

UX Design: Developing the user experience for Serving Fresh for the mobile app as well as the website. My responsibilities include designing the interface for consumers, farmers as well as the admin team of Serving Fresh to track their farm partners, orders, revenue as well as customer feedback. The app will soon be launched on the Apple app store and Google Play.

Branding: Redesigning the app's branding - defining brand colors, logo design and overall brand language. 

Choose the most convenient day of delivery to place an order

main page.png
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Items page 2.png

Easy peasy checkout as well as refunds if there is anything wrong with the order

history copy.png
Orders - checkout - missing info alert C

Learn more about our impact, team and farm partners

Info - Farm partners.png
Info - about us.png

Member profile and consistent rewards system 

profile rewards.png
Profile page  Copy.png
Desktop HD Copy.png
Rewards and history.png

Website experience for customers

Signed in.png
Checkout for member.png

Web experience for Farm partners and Serving Fresh team to track orders

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